A Tea Thing is a me thing!
A Tea Thing was all humbly started as a group of friends sparking an idea to create a place providing boba tea at its finest.
We developed every drink with a lot of thought and joy, sorted out the most quality ingredients and constantly reminded ourselves to listen to our customers’ feedback, keep learning and improving on this journey.
By developing a variety of options on our menu, from tea to coffee, from non-caffeinated milk drink to smoothie, we want to make sure you can find something for the whole family on our menu.
A Tea Thing is a me thing! As we find ourselves in the drinks that we created, we hope you will find happiness and satisfaction with each sip that you take. More than just a cup of tea, we aim to establish a connection with our customers and deliver you our passion, enthusiasm and a lot of goodness in each of our products.
A Tea Thing US

A Tea Thing US